DevOps Engineer

Taipei / KKBOX - Engineering / Permanent

KKBOX is not only a music player but also the largest music library of chinese pop music in the universe (We believe!!). KKBOX.com is the website for music lovers to search, browse and explore their favorite artists and songs. It’s a chart for heavy music lovers to catch up on the most progressive music trends. It’s also an event place for interacting with your favorite idols and their fans.

As a KKBOX DevOps engineer. You are responsible for building and managing scalable infrastructures for KKBOX web applications, such as, KKBOX official website, KKBOX listen-with service, KKBOX event site, .. etc. to achieve high service availability. You will be able to learn and practice the most cutting-edge cloud technologies provided by Azure or AWS or GCP. Leverage cloud computing technology to improve KKBOX web applications running more efficiently and reliably.

KKBOX’s DevOps working culture allows you not only develop your cloud computing skill, but also let you participate in the KKBOX web backend system and API research and development. You will be able to experience how to design a scalable web architecture for millions of users. This is a challenging but exciting job. If you are passionate about scalable web service development, welcome to join KKBOX as a web backend engineer!


  • Develop, maintain and operate web backend system and API running on on-premises and cloud infrastructure (Azure and AWS).
  • Research and develop web backend API for KKBOX Web/Mobile/Desktop applications.
  • Assist team members planning, deploying and managing web projects on cloud infrastructure.
  • Design and implement CI/CD workflow.
  • Service health and availability monitor.
  • Requirements:

  • Hands-on experience in one programming language, such as PHP, Golang, Python, Java, etc. PHP or Golang is preferred.
  • Familiar with one scripting language, ex. Bash, Perl, etc..Familiar with version control software or tools.
  • Hands-on experience on software development with Git.
  • Familiar with container technology and Kubernetes or Docker. Hands-on experience on managed container services, ex. GKE, EKS, or AKS.
  • Experience on CI/CD software or tools, ex. Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Travis CI, Github Actions. GitLab CI is preferred.
  • Basic understanding of UNIX/Linux OS administration and networking.
  • Experence of using RDBMS, ex. MySQL, PostgresSQL, AWS or NoSQL database, ex. Mango DB.
  • Experenci of Redis, Kafka, Elastisearch system administration. MySQL and Redis are preferred.
  • Nice To Have:

  • Experience on Using Infrastructure as code tools, ex. Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, etc for cloud resources management. Terraform is preferred.
  • AWS or Azure or GCP infrastructure architecture design and implementation experience
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