Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

Taipei / KKBOX - Engineering / Permanent

KKBOX believes every voice inspires. We are devoted to being the asian leading social audio platform. KKBOX service architecture team has developed and established a complete system architecture to support KKBOX music service providing every artist and users the best user experience. KKBOX music service is built on top of following technologies or systems: 

API service for Music / Podcast / UGC content
Member and Billing systems
Audio streaming and DRM technologies
Low latency voice-live technologies
Personalized recommendation system
Multiple CDNCloud and container technologies (Azure, AWS and GCP)
MySQL,Redis,Memcached cluster
Distributed File System and object storage (AWS S3, Azure Blob..)

If you are passionate about backend architecture and an open-source software lover. If you believe that software can make everything happen. If you have hands-on experience and capability to design and large-scale architecture, we would like to invite you to join. We will work together on following projects:

KKBOX Cloud Migration
Introduce microservice architecture
Infrastructure as Code tools and methodologies
Optimize KKBOX service performance, availability, scalability and maintainability
Administration and operation of mission critical infrastructure (database cluster, network equipments, K8S, load balancer…, etc)

KKBOX Service Architect / SRE Engineer is a highly challenging but very interesting position. You will face challenging performance, availability and scalability problems. And your skill will become sharper and sharper once you solve these challenges. Come to join us!


  • Drive cloud migration projects. Find out best practices to build scalable internet service on Azure and AWS.
  • Introduce Infrastructure as Code tools and methodologies
  • Administration and operation of mission critical infrastructure (database cluster, network equipments, K8S, load balancer…, etc)
  • Administration of cloud infrastructure. Azure, AWS and GCP
  • Administration of share system infrastructure
  • Requirements:

  • Hands-on experience of one or more of the following: PHP, Perl, Python or shell scripting.
  • Hands-on experience of Linux administration (filesystems, processes, signals, etc).
  • Knowledge with networking (TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, routing etc).
  • Hands-on experience of Cloud service(AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Hands-on experience of container (K8S and docker)
  • Hands-on experience with version control system, CI/CD flow, infrastructure as code system (Puppet, Terraform or Ansible)
  • Hands-on experience of MySQL and Redis. Other database experience is optional. 
  • Nice To Have:

  • On-premises data center administration experience.
  • Internet or enterprise grade network equipment administration and related certification (cisco, juniper, etc)
  • Internet or enterprise grade network architecture and administration experience
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster administration experience
  • F5 load balancer administration experience or certification
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