Business Intelligence Data Engineer

Taipei / KKBOX - Engineering / Permanent

The main aim of the BI team is leveraging data to provide insights and evidence to help the  stakeholder to take meaningful business actions. With the help of key findings and reports from the team, the Business Leader will be all set to make an informed decision.

If you’re passionate about leveraging data to drive business and help the organizational leaders to take meaningful actions, we want to hear from you.


  • Design and implement ETL/ELT processes to integrate data from a variety of internal and external sources into a analytical-based data model, in order to support business analytics and reporting
  • Develop procedures for tracking data quality, completeness, redundancy, and improvement
  • Create processes for governing the identification, accuracy, collection, and use of metadata
  • Evaluate and define the event tracking properties based analytical requirements
  • Responsible for data accuracy, maintenance, and support within the analytical-based data model
  • Work closely with data analyst and development teams to implement solutions that are easy for others to contribute to Knows how to make data auditable, available, and accessible
  • Documents ER diagram / Data catalog ensuring long-term maintainability
  • Requirements

  • 2+years in a Data Engineering or Data Warehousing role
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language: Python/ PySpark /SparkSQL
  • Experience in ETL or ELT (designing, coding, and tuning data processes from various sources)
  • Experience with cloud solution
  • Experience with tech stack tools such as Airflow/Jenkins
  • Ability to translate ‘tech speak’ to meaningful business language
  • Team-oriented, open-minded, communicative and eager to learn
  • A proactive, data-driven and logical mindset
  • Nice To Have:

  • Experience with AWS technologies such as EMR, S3, Athena
  • Experience with BI tools, data visualization, reports (Tableau/Power BI etc.)
  • Experience with Scala language
  • Experience in building data schema knowledge base documents
  • Knowledge of tracking in-app/web event data
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